Provided Services:


• Calibration of Liquid Metering Equipment.
• Repair and testing of valves.
• Maintenance of natural gas installations.
• Maintenance of petroleum installations.
• Installation, maintenance and calibration of gas detection systems
• Testing, commissioning and start up of new units.


Since its foundation METRON S.A. has set as one of its main objectives, the complete technical support of its products. Technical Support Department is based in Magoula - Attika main offices, having a branch in North Greece (Thessalonica). Engineers and technicians of all specializations, cover adequately each sector or specific application where the company operates. Fifteen years of experience in oil and gas applications, as well as continuous training in cooperation with foreign and local companies, ensure excellent competence of personnel and high quality of services. Major companies in the natural gas sector, industrial and commercial gas consumers, have entrusted METRON S.A. to maintain their equipment .Indicatively listed herewith: DEPA, DESFA, EPA ATTIKIS, ELPEDISON, HERON THERMOHLEKTRIKI, IKEA, FACTORY OUTLET, THE ATHENS MALL, etc. In petroleum sector, refineries, fuel handling installations have trusted METRON S.A. for the proper operation of their equipment .Indicatively listed herewith: HELPE, MOTOR OIL, EKO, HELLENIC FUELS, ELIN, CORAL, CYCLON, JET OIL, OIC, EXXON MOBIL, etc. Personnel of the Technical Support Department within the activities of Calibration Laboratory, undertakes also the metering equipment calibration for liquids .The laboratory has been accredited by ESYD (Hellenic National Accreditation System) for the quality system implemented in accordance with ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17025. Calibration procedures followed comply with API MPMS guidelines. Partnerships with major companies in the area are already in progress. Indicatively listed herewith : HELPE, EKO, MOTOR OIL, CORAL, CYCLON, HELLENIC FUELS, MELCO OIL (AEGEAN), ELIN, PPC, etc. The Technical Support Department covers adequately as well, the needs of METRON S.A., in projects abroad, where the company operates successfully over the last years. Partnerships with major foreign companies are indicatively listed herewith: GAS ARABIAN SERVICES, ARABIAN GOLF OIL, KROHNE (NMI), FMC, ELSTER-INSTROMET, ENDRESS AND HAUSER, HELLENIC TECHNICAL ENTERPRISES, etc.

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