System Integrator and EPC contractor in the Industrial Energy Production market – With experience in designing & manufacturing of Fuel Supply systems for Steam Boilers, Dearators, Boilers Stacks, Blowdown Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Dosing skids, DuctWorks, Steel Structures, interconnecting piping, cable routing, with full compliance to all international regulations and standards.


Design, fabrication and commissioning of gas metering, heating and regulating stations (Delimara 3 and Delimara 4) for power generation at Malta LNG terminal (capacities: 42,000nm3/h and 36,000 nm3/h at 45 barg
Market: Gas, Power
Type: GRS, GRS


Design, Construction and Put in Operation of Gas Receiving Stations for Power Plants concerning the delivery of gas in appropriate conditions for the firing of Gas Turbines, Steam and Waste Heat Boilers. The stations are consisted...
Design and Construction of Pressure Vessels used in power generation, as blowdown tanks, dearators, molecular, seals, shell and tube heat exchangers, accumulators following international standards
Design, Prefabrication and Site Erection of Atmospheric Tanks (vertical, flat bottom, fixed or floating roof, horizontal) for storage of fuel products or demi-water for the power plants. The tanks are designed and fabricated in...
Integration and assembly of Pumps (ie. Feed Water Supply) on a prefabricated skid equipped with all the instrumentation and valves ready for operation and connection to the network
Filter/Separators vessels acc. to ASME and Shell/ Tube Heat Exchangers construction acc. to TEMA-R codes for fuels or steam applications
Development of Mobile Gas Receiving Stations which are connected with aeroderivative type mobile gas turbines accommodating the power generation needs of remote areas (off grid)
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