System Integrator and EPC contractor in the Water market – Global experience in designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of water treatment systems. Full compliance to all international regulatory frameworks & standards.


Procurement and fabrication of two (2) compact water treatement unit (floculators, settling tanks, filters, skids) - degremont UCD 720
Market: Water
Type: Water Treatment
Electromechanical erection of waste water treatment plant in Elefsis refinery
Market: Water
Type: Water Treatment


Construction and installation of equipment for industrial waste water treatment including GAC filters, Backwashing water filters, mixing vessels with agitators, chemical injection skids, dissolved oxygen tanks.
Fabrication of desalination units based on reverse osmosis membrane systems for industrial applications for sea water or brackish intake water.
Water Pump Stations for flows delivery in water process plants.
Design and supply of water calorific energy metering units for the district heating domestic users
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