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METRON SA, Technical Support Dpt is currently hiring in the following positions:


  1. Commissioning  
    1. Commissioning engineer
  1. Maintenance
    1. Mechanical Technician,
    2. Mechanical/ Maintenance Supervisor
    3. Instrument Technician,
    4. Instrumentation/ Maintenance Supervisor
  1. Calibrations Lab
    1. Measurement/ Calibration Lab. Engineer


From the beginning of our founding, METRON Energy Applications has set high expectations for the level technical support we give to all our products and services. It’s one of our primary objectives and core part of our values: Quality. Our Technical Support Team includes engineers and technical experts from a wide range of specializations, covering the varied sectors and applications METRON operates in. Our worldwide experience in oil and gas applications (alongside our commitment to continuous professional development) makes sure our clients receive the best Technical Support from our team.


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