Vapor Recovery Units (VRU)

Vapor Recovery Units (VRU)

Design, Supply of equipment, Construction and Put in Operation of complete Vapor Recovery units suitable for installation in Truck or Marine Loading Terminals. VRUs are designed by Metron adopting the Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology utilizing Dry or Liquid ring Vacuum regeneration system. Units are suitable to recover the volatile organic compounds (VOC) during the fuel loading process and to meet the European or International environmental regulations’ emissions limits.


Truck loading facilities, including:TL storage tanks (6 tanks) product transfer pumps (10 pcs) filling pipelines of TL tanks new TL pump station (11 pcs) vapor recovery units(3 pcs) extension of TL facilities (4 loading bays) new PG truck loading facilities (4 loading...
Market: Oil
Type: Metering Skids, Tanks, Vapor Recovery Units (VRU), Pressure Vessels (Oil), Loading Islands, Network Installations, Basket Strainers
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